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    Expert advice for your Next Duvet Choice


    Jul 22, 2021
    Expert advice for your Next Duvet Choice

    Key Points

    • Duvets and comforters are two different things, although branded the same by some people.
    • A duvet cover is different from a duvet and a comforter normally comes with a built-in cover.
    • Comforters are usually decorated with a cover that can be removed.
    • You can get a perfect duvet regardless of the type of sleeper you are.

    When it comes to beddings, duvets are a choice made for coziness and to make beds neat. Duvets are commonly white, but you can get a comforter in a variety of colors. The word duvet comes from a French word for down. Duvets are made of different fillings with down still a common filling for duvets.

    Wool, down, bamboo, and silk are natural types of fillings for duvets with Microgel, a popular synthetic type of filling. Selecting the right duvet for you may seem a puzzle, but here are expert insights to look at before making a choice.

    Sleeper Type

    Choosing a duvet is highly a matter of personal preference, but looking at the following will help you select one that will serve all your interests uniquely.

    Are you a warm, normal or cold sleeper? A warm sleeper easily feels hot in beddings that are heavy, and a heavyweight duvet will worsen the situation. A normal sleeper is one who easily fits in with any kind of beddings and gets to sleep quickly and comfortably. On the other hand, a cold sleeper is one who prefers to keep the surroundings warm to sleep comfortably.

    With that, consider analyzing the type of duvet you’re taking home, and the best thing to do is stock up different duvets for different seasons.

    Duvet Construction

    There are different methods of construction for duvets with the baffle box and stitched being the commonest. The baffle box type of construction involves stitching a grid of boxes within a duvet. The boxes allow room for the down to loft and stay evenly distributed. On the other hand, the stitched box construction method requires a grid to be stitched directly through layers of ticking. The first type is considered the best when choosing a duvet.

    Filling Type

    Options are categorized under natural (bamboo, down, wool, and silk) or synthetic (migrogel). Duvets are commonly filled with goose down or duck down. The duck down is lightweight and cooler compared to the goose down. Down differs in colors and its quality depends on numerous factors like maturity. Goose down is insulating and cooler.

    Those with allergies or have sensitive skins can go with bamboo and silk-filled duvets because these duvet types are hypoallergenic. Warmer sleepers can also go with these. If you need a winter duvet, a wool-filled duvet is a perfect choice. Lastly, synthetic duvets (Microgel-filled) are heavier to the body but highly affordable.

    Other important considerations include layering and the shell. Also, assess the longevity of the duvet and buy one that perfectly matches your lifestyle. Check the certification for the duvet in order to choose a sustainable one. Remember that purchasing a duvet is an investment, and the right choice will serve you suitably.

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