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What Determines the Success Rate of the Dental Implants?

Are there any missing teeth that worry you? Then you must opt for dental implants. But before you get it done you need to know the aspects influencing its rate of success. Starting from post-op care to overall health condition a number of aspects contribute to the efficacy and longevity of the implants. This blog will let you explore the critical factors and how you can increase the chance of successful implants.

What is dental implant?

Dental implants are important to replace the missing teeth effectively. Titanium is mostly used to make the implants and infuses into jawbone to serve as artificial roots of the teeth. Anyone can get one or more implants depending on the number of missing teeth.

Benefits of dental implants

Affordable dental implants are perfect for those with one or multiple missing teeth due to certain reasons. Some major benefits of implants are in the following:

  1. It is durable and strong and its design makes it last a lifetime with due care.
  2. It mimics the feeling of natural teeth and the function is also similar. So, one can drink and eat like usual.
  3. Implants are responsible to hold on the facial structure. After teeth lose the jawbone starts deteriorating and implants promote bone growth by alleviating the loss.
  4. Implants enhance the overall dental health. It is quite different from dentures and enables the person to floss and brush normally to ensure the health of the mouth.

Factors determining the success rate of dental implants

Certain factors influence the dental implants’ success rate. The implant type, its position and of course the health condition of the patients are essential to determine the success rate. Even implant type is crucial as 2 types are widely available- subperiosteal and endosteal.

Subperiosteal implants place under gum tissue but above jaw bone whereas endosteal implants place directly into the jawbone. Both of the types come with different rate of success.

With high success rate endosteal is quite expensive too and need a long time for recovery. However, you can search with ‘affordable teeth implants near me’ to get subperiosteal implants. It has low rate of success but the surgical time is minimal as well.

Placement is another contributing aspect as the implants which the dentist places on front part of the teeth have high success rate than those which are on back part. Due to more bone density implant can easily bond with the jawbone when it places on front part.

Moreover, the front part of the teeth gets less stress which can be a huge issue to the patients when done to the back part of the mouth. Patient health plays an integral role to determine the success rate as smokers can get low success because of low blood count.


Patient’s age is also an influential factor behind the success of dental implants. The success rate is directly proportional and comparatively high with young patients. Patients who are below 40 have 95% chance of successful implant treatment. Those who are above 40 have 85% of success rate. However, many exceptions are there too and there are many patients in 70s with successful dental implants. All you need to have germ-free mouth, healthy bones and gums.

Bone quality

Bone quality is very important to make the implant treatment successful. As hard or dense the bone, as high the chance for a successful procedure! Dentist measures the bone quality with the help of following tests:

  • CT (Computed Tomography) Scan

Dentist uses X-ray to obtain a 3D image of the jaw bones depicting their density and strength. Accordingly, weak ones are easily to figure out from them to carry out the procedure.

  • Bone density test

It makes use of special X-ray machine for measuring the calcium amount in your skeleton system. As more as the calcium content as dense the bones are.

  • Periotest

It investigates the vibration passes through the jawbone and teeth. With dense jaw structure less vibration can get through. In case of any concern regarding the oral health you should discuss with your dentist. They can examine if dental implants are important or not.

Surgical technique

Sometimes, considering the oral health status in mind, a dentist goes for surgery to insert the dental implants. Therefore, the technique involves in the process of treatment affects its success rate. When it comes to surgical technique, guided surgery is the most followed way to carry out the procedure.

However, in contrast to other available options it is less invasive because of the use of stent or surgical template to guide the implant placement in the required site. As a result, it possesses high success rate. Experience of the dentist, implant type, oral health condition of the patient are some other factors influencing its success rate.

Care and maintenance

Dental implants are efficient and safe to restore the missing teeth. Apart from the dental procedure itself other aspects influence its success rate too. Health status of the patient is the key factor when it comes to success of the implant.

Only, patients with good oral health and those opt for regular dental check up can obtain successful dental implants. Make sure that dental implants will be successful if you possess healthy gums and don’t smoke.

Experience of the dentist who will carry out the entire procedure matters a lot. Always search with ‘experienced dentists of dental implants near me’ to find the most ideal one for the job. They have the experience and skill to perform dental implants successfully.

Also, you should walk with certified periodontist to make sure that you are receiving proper care. The type of implant determines the success rate of the treatment as well. Being the most typical one, titanium implants possess the highest success rate followed by zirconia implants which are new in the industry.


It is clear from the blog that several aspects contribute the success rate of the dental implants. Although a few of them are not controllable such as age and health of the patients yet you can manage others by seeking help from a qualified professional. You can make an appointment with the dentists of SW19 Confidental Dental Clinic, Wimbledon Dentists if you need dental implants.

It is extremely helpful as you will be able to know about the implant procedure in details. Also, dentist can determine whether Wimbledon implants are suitable for your dental condition or not. Moreover proper vigilance and care will ensure the success of the treatment in a long haul.